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Buddha's Brain pdf is written for a general audience. It is based on the revolutionary understanding that our brains are actually designed to make us happy.

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Buddha's Brain pdf
Book Name Buddha's Brain
Pages 251
Author Rick Hanson
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This book is written as a road map to explore the ultimate potential of our human brain. It’s based on the latest neuroscience research, combined with centuries-old wisdom from Buddhism and other contemplative traditions, which show that you can change your brain by training it with simple practices such as meditation and mindfulness. There are seven simple steps to do just that – change your brain for the better.

You can use the ancient secrets of transcendental meditation and mindfulness to change your brain for the better. Buddha’s Brain is a practical guide to building happiness, relieving stress and anxiety, increasing attention span and focus, boosting self-confidence, improving relationships, and becoming more compassionate. Rick Hanson, Ph.D., has used his years of experience as a neuropsychologist to show you how to grow new neurons and deepen your relationships with others through simple exercises that add up to big changes in your life.

In Buddha’s Brain, renowned neuropsychologist Rick Hanson shows you how to effectively use the brain’s natural plasticity to make positive, lasting change. He explains how new research in neuroscience reveals that believing our thoughts and emotions to be real – rather than just passing events in mind – lies at the root of human suffering. Your genetics or past experiences do not doom you. By employing simple meditations and exercises about awareness, attention, presence and compassion, you can actually reshape your brain for more excellent health and happiness.

About Buddha’s Brain Book

Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and other great teachers were born with brains built essentially like anyone else’s. Then they used their minds to change their brains in ways that changed history.

With the new breakthroughs in neuroscience, combined with the insights from thousands of years of contemplative practice, you, too, can shape your own brain for greater happiness, love, and wisdom.

Buddha’s Brain joins the forces of modern science with ancient teachings to show readers how to have more excellent emotional balance in turbulent times, healthier relationships, more effective actions, and a deeper religious or spiritual practice.

Well-referenced and grounded in science, the book is full of practical tools and skills readers can use in daily life to tap the unused potential of the brain and rewire it over time for greater peace and well-being.

If you can change your brain, you can change your life.

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